Unique Carts


Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you.

We have some fantastic paint schemes for many colleges. Come to us and lets show your school spirit to all the world.

Want to use your Corporate logo and send a message for your business? We can assist you with this.

Want to personalize your cart with your favorite hobby, campground, etc? We can assist with this.

Want to honor Police, Sheriff, Fire departments? We can do it.

Hunting carts … Limos … Give us a call.

Unique Carts


Limo Carts


Sports Carts

Gas Carts

We offer New or Refurbished Gas carts, customized to your specifications.

  • These carts can be Lifted or Low.
  • Custom paint scheme or 1 color paint scheme
  • 2 or 3 color seats with fold down rear seat
  • Windshield, mirror, head & tail lights
  • 14” Sport wheels and tires
  • Long or Short top

Supplies vary throughout the year on new and refurbished gas carts.

We can normally build your Gas cart in 3-4 weeks, depending on availability.

Give us a call and let’s discuss the cart you would like to have. We can build with any of our paint schemes and a full line of accessories.