Lifted-Tricked Out Carts

We sell a variety of “tricked out” Lifted Carts. These carts feature:

  • NEW LED head and tail lights
  • NEW multi-color paint schemes (automotive paint)
  • NEW 2 or 3 color pleated seats with fold down rear seat
  • NEW sport wheels and NEW tires
  • NEW fold down windshield
  • NEW rear view mirror
  • Chargers included
  • Warranty included
  • Other options vary by cart

Some of our most requested options include NEW Chrome package (with Brush guard, side steps, and foot rest), 14″ Sport wheels, Long color coordinated tops that cover the rear seat passengers, Super Dash or Regular Dash, Sound systems, Arm rest/Cup holders & Fender Flares, Custom Steering Wheels. Just give us a call & let’s build “your perfect cart”.

Click the photos below to see some representative samples of the Tricked Out Lift Carts we have to offer! (These carts may or may not be readily available but are offered to help you if you are planning a custom cart.)

Swirl Paint Scheme

Z-Paint Scheme

Stingray Paint Scheme

Tribal Paint Scheme

Fire Paint Scheme

Lifted 1-color