LSV-Low Speed Vehicle

If you are looking for a true street legal vehicle, give us a call. Low Speed Vehicles do not have to be plain and boring. Check this out! We are Quality Golf Carts, your Low Speed Vehicle headquarters, and we can work with you to get the vehicle that you need. We can get you a new LSV, a re-manufactured LSV or make the necessary additions to have your cart certified as a LSV. We are talking about a true Low Speed Vehicle with the 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number). Also, you can travel more than 4 miles from your house.

You will be able to get a license plate, registration and title allowing you to drive on secondary roads (35 mph or less) anytime day or night. Many coastal areas in the Carolina’s are now requiring a LSV to drive after 6 p.m. Several people are calling carts with turn signals “street legal”. This is a huge misunderstanding and is not legal.

The cart must be able to run 21-25 mph. It must be an electric cart – gas carts cannot be LSVs. The cart MUST have DOT approved tires – a DOT approved Impact resistant clear windshield with a wiper – a full light package with turn signals, flashers, brake lights, horn – 2 side mirrors and a rear view mirror – speedometer – back up camera – license plate light – 4 seat belts (6 on a limousine cart) – DOT approved reflectors on each side.


LSV – Beautiful Custom Paint Black w / Red Fire – Loaded with Options – Ready Today – $9795

LSV – Inferno Red – Custom Seats – Mirror Wheels  – Ready Today – $8395

LSV – Outstanding Paint Scheme – Silver, Black and Grey – Custom Steering Wheel – Ready Today – $8795